Nes Stands

We are a team of creators without fear of challenges. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing stands , a job that is also our passion. Therefore, we strive to make everything you can imagine possible. We are different and we are going to show you why.


NES Stand is part of a large business group –Newlook Event Solution– that has its own signage, printing and carpentry services.We have been closely acquainted with the sector for more than two decades and we know what work methodology we must apply to obtain the best results.


NES has one of the most significant machinery parks in its sector spread over two production centers. One of them is completely dedicated to printing and finishing. The other factory is 100% carpentry and has all the necessary machinery for the development of the activity to be as efficient as possible.


For us a good job is not enough. We look for stands that break the established molds and perfectly define each company, something that we can only achieve with customization. we always work hand in hand with the client to respond to all their needs: from design and price to delivery times.


Before working, we usually repeat a motto: “the same old thing is boring”. We are very aware that innovation is essential. And no, we are not referring only to the design. We have to test new materials, move towards sustainability, implement other forms of quality control... For us, innovation is part of the job.

The NES circle

Making a difference requires doing things differently. That is why we have created our own virtuous cycle. A process divided into four work phases that are linked together like the links of a chain to increase efficiency and obtain better results.

Nes Circle


The first step is to acquire an overview of the company and its needs. We get to know the client, we get in the background and we investigate the characteristics of the event. The briefing of the project is born from this process.


The second phase consists of setting goals and setting a strategy. We ask ourselves what, who, how, when, where, why and for what. The answer to these questions results in the development of a rendered model.


At this point our professionals assess which are the most suitable materials for the exhibitor. The furniture, lighting and distribution are also decided. In addition, we prepare the fair documentation and the logistics team gets under way. In short, this is the time to materialize the proposal and build the stand.


At NES Stand we control the entire process 100%, without any intermediaries. This traceability allows us to closely analyze each phase of the work and thus guarantee the highest quality. In fact, the team accompanies the client even until the end of the event. The latter is therefore a phase of analysis and disassembly of the stand.